GROWING FORWARD: Day 3 – Finance Your Goals

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Do you have financial dreams or financial goals? Or just dreams that needed to be financed? Well there is a scripture written by Wise Man Solomon. It says,

…but money answers all things – Ecclesiastes 10:19

This scripture eludes to the fact that your dreams will need a financial goal. While they may sound like the same thing, they’re not. A financial dream is something you hope for; a financial goal is something you’ve planned for. And it’s the planning – not the hoping – that turns financial desires into financial reality.

Here’s a Web BASED BUDGETING TOOL or you can CLICK and Save this PDF Budgeting Tool and fill out in your own time.


We will talk more details later this month, but today let’s check on our finances.

  1. Find out the exact amount of debt you have
    1. Add up the dollar amounts of everyone (car, home, credit cards, friends/family lol) that you owe
  2. Find out exactly how much money you make in a month
  3. Find out how much it cost to pursue your dream (buy car, take classes at school, purchase property, higher mentor, etc)

I believe that everything worth having has an associated cost. Some may argue that those cost may be time, or effort. While that can be true, I have come to learn that it very rare to have successful accomplishment without monetary investment.

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Mathew 6:21

With this being said, I suggest that you find a way to INVEST money in your dream. Purchase books on it, take someone to lunch that has already succeeded in that area, attend a workshop, engage in an online training. Don’t do it yet, but plan to INVEST NOW into what you plan to ENJOY LATER.

More finance information coming later in the 30 Days. Especially for everyone who is saying, “But I barely have enough for necessities. What am I supposed to invest with?” I hear, you but I promise where there is a WILL there is a WAY, and since GOD is our WAY I know he WILL provide.

~ DSR2