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– DSR2 Free Write


Can you hear it? It’s loud and bold, yet soothing and serene. Listen again. It’s not the boisterous wind, or the rat-a-tat-tat of large rain drops pelting the pavement. No, it’s something more symphonic. It’s not the forecast of a guessing weather man, speaking of a category 4 storm. No, no it’s a familiar voice speaking in a familiar time. I believe I hear God speaking.

I hear him saying, “Way your anchor in me, and even during the windy, storm filled forecast of life I will sustain you. I will balance you while the rain beating down upon you causes your foundation to be slippery. I will secure you while storm rages, and the bustling wind attempts to throw you off course. You need only trust that I am ALWAYS in CONTROL.” – God


Do you hear him? It is not the threatening violence of Hurricane JOAQUIN, it is the triumphant victory of Jesus who has conquered every storm. See I have come to learn that the key to surviving the storm is to listen to the Sounds while in. This is essential because the sounds can vary. Sometimes we hear God say that He will Calm the Storm for his children, others times he will calm his children while in the storm. Either way, if you listen you have already gained victory.

sound storm

I remember while in undergrad at JMU I had a roommate, Martin Scarborough, who study by candlelight and jazz. He was very renaissance, and I appreciated his value of the serene scene. He introduced me to Miles Davis and Kinda Blue. I haven’t been the same since. lol. I took his concept of serenity and stretched it a little further by purchasing a CD that had sounds of nature and the storm. To be honest it had never dawned on me how backward and enigmatic that idea was. Here I am trying to find peace by listening to sounds of rain and storm. Crazy huh? No, you think that sounds like a good idea? You mean, you too have experienced literal rainy days and said, “All of this rain, and these grey clouds seem to be like good sleeping weather to me.” Well, I know I have often associated rainy days with sleep, but today I realize that listening to those rain and storms tracks, or even getting the sleepy bug on rainy days may have been God’s way of SCREAMING at me. In those still moment of my past, I missed the message. I was being soothed by the rain and storm sounds, but silenced the sound of God. It was then and now that God may have been whispering, “I Am In Control.”

To shorten this free write, let me simply say that if we can sleep in the rain, and storm tracks help create serenity on a CD, then maybe we too should know that when the storms of life arise it is cause to rest not worry, be calm not creative in our thoughts of how bad things could be, and anchored in our faith instead of blown away by temporary circumstance.

It’s not scripture but I have found this to be true…They say, that in life you are often in 1 of 3 places. You are either getting ready to enter a storm, currently in a storm, or on your way out of a storm. If there is any truth to this, I suggest we open our ears and listen for the SOUND of the STORM.

– Dwight Shawrod Riddick
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Have A Blessed Day
– DSR2