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Day 2 – Render No Judgement

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Day 2 – Render No Judgement

The 2nd Day of this Word Fast Brings us to

So, here’s the thing. Judging others is so easy, yet so hard. I say its easy because we do way too often. However, I say it’s hard because we rarely get it right. See the problem with Judging is that it assumes that we have sufficient information to make a final decision about the results and motives of someone’s actions. Really? Do we really think that we are so wise, and so discerning, and so capable of interpreting a persons heart that we have a right to judge? No, I think not. More than what I think, I know what God says in James 4:11

“Brothers & Sisters do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it.” – James 4:11

In other words judging others when God has GRACED others says that you are now judging whether God should be giving them grace. Here’s a snapshot of why we won’t to remove judgement from our conversation:

Reasons to Remove Judgment From Our Conversation

1) Judging others is like judging God. 

If God gives grace where you give judgment, then to continue to judge others is also to say that God is wrong in giving grace. Be careful about who you pick your fights with. I would suggest you stay on God’s side with this one and give grace. Check out James 4:11

2) Judging others creates deception

When we misinterpret a persons actions by only seeing what they do and then jumping to a conclusion it causes us to live in deceit. We start to imagine what people meant by their actions and it often leads to an entire day of character defamation when in fact their intent may not have even been close to what we imagined.

3) It’s almost impossible to get right. It’s a heart issue

Remember Jeremiah 17:9-10 says the heart is deceitful among all things. So, it is often the case that we are trying to give value to someone’s actions from a perspective of deceitful thinking. We assume that they had ill motives when there are times they don’t.

4) Judgment is a boomerang.

The famous scripture in Luke 6:37 says judge not and you won’t be judged. What if people always assumed that your actions were prompted by some sinister motive. Even you make mistakes its not usually because you intended to. When you hurt people, you don’t always know you are doing and most often you didn’t mean to do it. So, why assume others have intentional harm or hate causing them to act. Do unto others what you’d have them do for you, and trust me; more times than not you would want the benefit of the doubt.

5) It makes you a spectator not a participator

In this life you will either participate as disciple of Christ and follow his example by spreading good news, lifting up the broken, and empowering those who have been belittled. OR you will be a spectator of the faith and watch how people carry their lives only hoping to see the mistakes they make, the errors they commit, or the wrong the do. It’s like those “use to be rec league athletes” that sit on their couch and critique the pro players in their sport. All they do is yell at the screen about every foul, flag, missed shot, or dropped pass; yet they are not playing the game. God calls us to play the game. Not yell judgment at the Christian screen of everyone else’s life.

These are just a few insights until the video comes up. Start Today’s word Fast by RENDERING NO JUDGMENT.

– DSR2

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