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Day 4 – Pass Your Past

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Day 4 – Pass Your Past

Pass Your Past In Order To Eliminate Negative Conversation

So we can all admit that there are moments that we make negative comments. We are trying to reduce that, but even more, there are times that we are or some people are habitually negative. It seems that the first response to anything is sinacle and negative. If I were to say I was going to play ball, their response would be, “You’re getting old, you know you are going to be sore.” Or “Don’t break anything cause you aren’t are young as you use to be.” LOL, well all of that is may be true, but it’s not positive. A positive response would have been, “Have fun” or “That’s going to be some great exercise.” The difference between the two are not a one time event, but a challenging pass.

Tim Cameron, author of 40 Day Word Fast, argues that our background is the origin from where a consistently negative person speaks and lives. It’s almost like NEGATIVITY is it’s own language. Like people, you can often tell what country or place a person is from based on their dialect, word choice, or language. I was just speaking with a young lady from Georgia and she said, “You know I’m from real down south. We say we are fittin to do something instead of we are getting ready to.” LOL, Her word choice and country accent was based on where she was from. So it is with us. That often we and God can tell where you are from because your conversation may have the dialect, accent, or use the language of negativity. Here’s the GOOD news, 2 Cor says we are New creations in Christ Jesus. And Ephesians allows us to not just be in God’s family but it changes our citizenship. We are members of a new family and should have NEW conversation.

Now therefore you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God. – Ephesians 2:19 .

So, then how do we eliminate this from our conversation if its so deeply rooted? Well, the first goal is to identify where the negativity may have started and where it has been so easily accepted. There are a few immediate places to look.

Where Could This Negativity Have Originiated: 

  • Parents – It may be that your parents used negative conversation to motivate you to do better or the absence of a parent caused you to view life from a void or place of bitterness. That bitterness spreads through your conversation.
  • Siblings – Maybe the competition between siblings, sibling rivalry to gain a parents attention, or just mistreatment by other siblings has hardened your heart towards everyone. This hardness can be heard in your conversation.
  • Friends – There is a comfort that exist among true friends. However, that comfort often lets be our true selves. The problem is that sometimes our true selves leaks out negativity. When everyone close to you makes the negative acceptable it makes it hard to see how harmful it is. Today lets fast the familiarity of negative words.
  • Co-Workers– The work place can be a volatile environment or it can be a loving place. Either way you are more times than not forced into relationship with people that you ordinarily would not spend time with. This causes you to revert to negative conversation because of pressure placed on you to accept people that you may not like. Today love God enough to empower even your co workers.
  • Christian Family – Even Christians can have a negative origin. Just because a person is saved from sin, doesn’t mean they have totally been purged of the pain of their past. Do not hold Christians to a different standard. Christians should also be free from negative talk.

How Do We Overcome This Negativity

  • Love Those Who Hurt You
  • Speak Positive when they speak negative around you
  • Combat Your Past By Believing In Your Future

    I believe that you can successfully overcome your past, move beyond and become a much more positive person.  – DSR2

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