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Day 5 – The Poison of Complaint

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Day 5 – The Poison of Complaint

The Poison of Complaint

Day 5 focuses on CUTTING OUT THE COMPLAINING. Now, I know you are thinking that everyone complains. You’re right, people complain. We all complain, and we complain about everything and anything. However, just because it is common doesn’t mean that its okay. No, today we have to understand the affects of constant complaining to really be motivated to cut it out of our conversation.

When we complain it is like a toxic leak that pollutes the atmosphere. You really have no idea how many people it affects. Think about a moment when you complained. Did you notice that everyone jumps in and adds their complaint to yours. This happens because complaining is like poison. It doesn’t just hurt you, it spreads and becomes a contagious toxin that starts to flow from everyone’s mouth. Now instead of just one person complaining its everyone in that space complaining. Complaining about our:

  • jobs
  • our bosses
  • the weather
  • Monday
  • Getting up in the morning
  • people driving too slow or too fast
  • customer service
  • slow internet
  • no toilet paper
  • our siblings, children, spouses, pastors
  • our worship leaders, inconsiderate people
  • waiting in line
  • etc.

Complaining is not the conversation of heaven, so when we are constantly complaining, it often muffles our communication with God. God is not very interested in your complaining. He does hear our cries, but complaining is something that he could do without. When we complain we talk about, whine, and mumble in a way that only highlights the problem. When you cry unto the Lord, the goal is to gain his help or some insights on how to make the situation better or get through it. “In my distress I called on the Lord, and cried for help to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, and my cry for help came before Him to His ears” (Ps 18:6) So be sure to seek ways to manage your conversation

David says, “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise will continually be in my mouth” (Ps 34:1) So the goal is to replace the complaining with gratitude. Complaining often exist as a result of entitlement or ingratitude. So, anytime you think to complain instead think to be thankful. More thanksgiving for what you have, and who is there, and what you have been giving will help you live life forward free of complaining. – DSR@


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