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Day 8 – Words of Praise

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Day 8 – Words of Praise

Day 8 – Words of Praise

We often hear the phrase, “His praise will continually be in my mouth!” but do we really understand why thats important?

Speaking life and positive words is the result of having healthy language in our hearts. Praise and worship is an internal conversation that overflows externally.  The conversation is one that magnifies the grace, mercy, and faithfulness of a perfect God. When we have constant conversation that is negative it changes our mood and can metaphorically leave a sour taste in our mouths. The opposite is true as well, Psalm 119 says that the word of the Lord is “sweeter than honey to my mouth”.  So how do we keep sweet words on our lips and positivity in our hearts?

“I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise will continually be in my mouth.” – Psalm 34:1

David surely knew the formula of for praise.  In order to bless the Lord at “all times” there little room to be negative about anything else!  We must exchange the bitterness of jealousy, gossip and criticism for the sweetness of blessing the Lord in praise.  At some point, the words praise in our hearts will overflow to be words of blessing to others. Today stay focused on praise instead of giving voice to problems.


Start viewing people the way God does. When you view people the way God does, it causes you to speak differently about them.

Imagine that God is sitting beside you. What words would you use when you speak to people if God were literally standing or sitting right beside when you spoke. Well, guess what? He is right there. So let’s speak as if he’s listening.

Care more about their feelings than just your feelings. Speak to people as if their lives depended upon your next words. If your words were send them off of the deep end, or reel them in, which words would you use.

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