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Day 9 – Reckless Words

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Day 9 – Reckless Words

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Day 9 – Reason vs Reckless Words

We live in a day in time of the DVR. That is a digital video recorder. It allows you to rewind a TV show, or re-watch a movie that played earlier. What it does not do, is allow you to change what has already been shown. There is no going back and editing the content, and unfortunately this is true with our words. I wish I could take back some of the statements I’ve made, but it’s just not possible. Neither can you. And we must admit that even if we repent, and we should, and others forgive us, and the might; there’s still so much residual damage from reckless words. The pain of reckless words hang around for years sometimes. All words of gossip, sarcasm, judgment and criticism have some unseen collateral damage so lets be careful when we speak. Here’s what proverbs says:

The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. – Proverbs 12:18

Let’s be a little more careful about how we swing our swords. I found this to be an interesting word choice since God’s word has been referred to as a sword as well. Maybe that’s why our word can bring life or death. Words are a sword, now it’s our challenge to swing them properly, to swing them positively. Let’s not be reckless with our words .