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Day 12 – Wise or Foolish Words

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Day 12 – Wise or Foolish Words

Day 12 – Wise or Foolish Words

Is it better to be foolish or wise? What’s the difference? Well, in general those who speak to highlight how much they know, or to prove who they are can be placed in the foolish category. This person uses their words to lift themselves up and in turn it puts everyone else down. Today be careful that we are not boasting about ourselves in the use of the words. While, most of us wouldn’t admit it, the truth is all of us “Play the fool sometimes.” lol. So, today is about figuring out when it happens and then choosing to speak with Wisdom.

Solomon, who is a biblical King had the opportunity to receive anything that he desired. When given this chance he didn’t choose tangibles that would make him look good. He choose, WISDOM. He understood how important wisdom would be to his quality of life. It is with that wisdom that he writes these words:

A fool’s mouth lashes out with pride, but the lips of the wise protect him.” – Proverbs 14:3

Tim Cameron says that there are differences between the word’s used by the Foolish and the Wise.

Foolish Words                                     Wise Words
Harm Others                                           Bring life to others
Harm himself                                               Protect him
Full of Pride                                                      Humble
Spoken Rashly                                        Spoken with Care
Cause him punishment                         Bring him honor

So, this is why we speak with wisdom. Knowledge is having information. Wisdom is how you use and convey this information. This is probably a great place to insert that our conversation may extend beyond our speech. With the evolution of technology, it could be that we should monitor our wise or foolish talk via social media. It may be worth noting that when text, tweet, post, or chat online; that these words should be filled with wisdom. Remember, foolish affect everyone, including you. So be sure to be wise in all types of conversation. – DSR2

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