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Man In The Mirror
Matter Of The Heart (Day 12) 

“As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.”

 Proverbs 27:19

Every morning when we wake up, we follow somewhat of a routine. At minimum, we wake up, shower, brush our teeth, get dressed, and maybe grab breakfast or a cup of coffee before heading out the door for work. Throughout this morning process, we often take a look in the mirror while shaving, putting on make-up, or getting our hair in order. Before walking out of the house, we may take one final glimpse in the mirror to ensure we are well put together. We make sure our hair is in place, our make-up is flawless, our tie is straight, and our outfits coordinate. The mirror is vital to getting dressed in the morning. It is a reflection of what those who we will encounter in our in our day to day life at work, school, etc. will see.

We put so much effort into our physical appearance, but do we put as much time into ensuring we reflect a heart of God? In our day to day encounters with people, are we kind and patient? Do we exhibit love and self-control? When faced with difficult situations or obstacles, do we really believe in our heart that God can and will work it out or are we easily shaken? In this year of righteous risk taking, in our hearts, do we believe that God will do what we deem as impossible? Your day to day interactions, reaction to difficult situations, and willingness to take a risk reflect what’s in your heart.


Prayer Focus: God in this year, we ask you to purify our hearts as we commit more of our time to developing a heart like yours. We desire to be true reflections of you in our day to day life. Lead and guide us through this weekend, until we meet you at your house on Sunday morning. Amen.


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