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What Foods Are You Eating
Matters Of The Heart Devotional (Day 15)

“Give us today our daily bread.” Mathew 6:11

soulfoodFood is something that we need for sheer survival as humans. Fruits and vegetables are good foods that help us attain a healthy immune system and helps ward bad infections or viruses away. Junk food and too much fatty foods causes us to become over-weight and have clogged arteries. Clogged arteries keep the heart from functioning properly. When looking at this from a spiritual perspective we can see two categories of people: believers and non- believers. As believers we need spiritual food that caters to the inner spirit. We can define spiritual food as “God In and God Out.” Love, forgiveness, patience, and joy are types of spiritual food that feeds the inner man. When our bodies and minds consume this type of food, God emits through our words and actions. We treat each other with kindness and respect. We forgive more easily. We speak words that build up and encourage. On the other hand nonbelievers eat carnal food. We can define carnal food as “Garbage In and Garbage Out”. Lying, gossiping, stealing, and having a pessimistic mindset can be viewed as garbage that’s deposited into the spirit. This type of garbage causes one to think negatively. Destructive words flow from the mouth when the body consumes this type of food. What foods are you eating? Those that cater to the spirit or those that cater to the flesh?


Prayer Focus:  God teach me what foods to eat. Show me what foods build up the spirit and destroys the flesh.


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