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The Pure In Heart
Matters Of The Heart Devotional (Day 16)

Blessed are the pure in heart for they  shall see God.

Matthew 5:8

pureheart    God gives us choices in life, a choice to follow his commandments or a choice to follow the temptations of the world.  Living according to the way God will have us to, requires that we give up world pleasures.  This is difficult because we live in a world which has accepted those pleasures as a way of life.  As Christians we must not succumb to that ideology.  God’s blessings come to those who strive to live by His holy and divine will, seeking a pure heart free of sin.  We must stay focus on the commandments given to Moses by God and use them to govern our lives.  Because of the temptations of worldly pleasures, we must continually stay in communication with God seeking deliverance from those temptations.


Yield not to temptation, regardless of how hard it is.  Prayer, Bible Study, and Daily Devotions help develop within us a ”Pure Heart” and we will truly be blessed by God.


Prayer Focus: As we pray let us ask God to “keep us focus on developing a pure heart that allows us to receive his blessings.”


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