mDiscipleship Online Life Courses

About mDisciples Life Course Academy

What is mDisciple?

The Master Disciple Academy is our new way of doing Bible Study. We have repurposed the entire Bible Study and Christian Education Program and replaced it with the Master Disciples Academy. These 30 minute learning sessions designed just for you.

How Does it Work?

Modules, made up of 9 courses will be offered for 4 or 6 week periods for your convenience. Within that time frame, individuals will be asked to complete a minimum of 7 out of the 9 courses to successfully complete each module.

What happens when it's complete?

When courses are completed you earn a certificate, then individuals who have met the module requirements will receive a mDisciple award of completion for a series of modules. After a each module a new module will be offered.

How do I Start?

Courses are offered ONSITE at First Baptist Church (318 Hall St) and a few other partnering church sites as well as ONLINE VIDEO CLASSES. Simply complete a registration form after service on Sunday morning or register here online.