We believe Jesus Christ alone is the Head of the Church and as head has ordained that individual churches should be blessed with the spiritual rule and ministry of office bearers. Therefore, we believe it is our duty to seek to discover those to whom Christ has imparted the necessary gifts for service.

Our Governance Structure:
• The Congregation determines the spiritual tone, strength and direction of our church by wisely and prayerfully selecting the Senior Pastor, Diaconate and Executive Council.
• The Senior Pastor serves the church by providing vision, oversight and management of the church through wise counsel and the faithful teaching of the Word of God.• The Official Board serves the church by setting policy in the management of both the church’s corporate and financial affairs.
• The Ministry Leaders serves the church through counsel, prayer and, if required, church discipline.

In addition to those who govern, we are grateful for other leaders within our church who regularly share their gifts in service.
• Officers
• Staff Pastors
• Staff Team Leaders
• Ministers
• Small Group Leaders

Ministry Team

  • Senior Pastor – Rev Dwight S Riddick M.Div
  • Director of Ministries – Rev. Jennell Riddick, MDiv
  • Intercessory Prayer – Alice Baxter
  • Office Manager – Robin Jones
  • Special Events Director – LaTora Sweat
  • Chair of Deacons – Ricky Blunt
  • Chair of Trustees – Alfreda Harris
  • Chair of Finance – Sandra Smith
  • Treasurer – Clyde Johnson