Acts247 Ministry  – Our Acts247 ministry was designed to serve the business, financial, and entrepreneurial needs of our congregation.  Our intention is to keep this ministry as an explicit testimony to the love of Jesus, not simply to provide services.

  • Provided business and financial needs to congregants and community throughout the year.
  • Provided meals, oil changes, vehicle inspections, haircuts, hairdo’s, car washes, lockouts, gift baskets, free desserts, free labor on home renovations/improvements.
  • Provided giveaways at annual events—family reunion, movie night, & harvest night.
  • Addition of six (6) new community partners.

Care Ministry  The Care Ministry has been birthed with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between our church ministry and our membership.  The goal is to have each member of our congregation assigned to a small group that is monitored by a church leader.  Each leader will be responsible for simply staying in touch with those who are assigned to their group.

Christian Education

Couples Ministry

  • Began  Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage Empowerment Series

Culinary MinistryThe Culinary Ministry of FBC serves whenever there is a function requiring food.  This  ministry prepares and serves delicious meals. The culinary ministry also serves for funeral repasts and assists with other gatherings upon request. We  receive healthy eating demonstrations and recipes from those in this ministry.


Deacons MinistryDeacons are persons called by God, authorized by the church , and ordained This ministry is comprised of men and women, who work alongside the pastor ensuring the spiritual needs of the congregation and providing visionary leadership.  Members of the church who have demonstrated commitment and loyalty to the vision of the church.  This group is responsible for carrying out the two ordinances of the Baptist Church, Holy Communion and Baptism.  Those who serve in the diaconate ministry have been faithful members of the church and have demonstrated commitment and loyalty to the vision of the church.

  • Christ Connection, Leadership Conference
  • Leadership Day
  • Assisted Pastor with numerous “Plans for Salvation” for new members who desired to be “Saved”
  • Assisted  with numerous Baptismal Ceremonies, Communion on the first Sunday of each month
  • Taking Communion to those who are home bound or in the hospital.
  • Assisted with Vacation Bible School
  • Served with Event Planning Committee to implement activities for  Church Anniversary


Evangelism MinistryMatthew 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…The purpose of the Evangelism Ministry is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Members are intentional about spreading the message of Jesus Christ and His unfailing love for all mankind. The Evangelism Ministry also seeks to keep the community informed about the programs and events that the church is sponsoring to be a practical display of God’s love and power.

Health Ministry “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in good health even as thou soul prospereth” This ministry seeks to keep our members and the congregation as-large informed on leading healthy lifestyles.

Intercessory Prayer MinistryPrayer is an important foundation.  The Bible instructs us that men ought to always pray.  The prayer teams gathers for instruction, dialogue, and prayer each Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm for their weekly power hour.  The prayer team also gathers each Sunday morning to pray for the

morning worship experience.  Members gather in the main sanctuary to pray for the vision of the church, individual concerns and other matters they wish to lift before God. They also coordinate the church’s annual 24 hour prayer vigil.

Missionary MinistryMissionaries serve as a support group to families and individuals as needed.  They often visit homebound members, assist with various tasks and provide spiritual encouragement.  They assist families during the holidays and throughout the year when needs arise.  They also follow up with members after funerals.

Engram, Johnson, and Vaughan Funeral Homes (deliver sympathy cards)

Media MinistryFBC makes us of modern technology to assist aid in promoting the Word of God.  The media ministry leads the way in our audio visual and internet endeavors.  The basic component of this ministry is the sound system.  Each of our worship services are recorded for future listening and viewing.  To enhance our ability to keep our members informed about church activities, announcements, birthdays, and anniversaries are recorded weekly and reported each Sunday via video.  Audio and video recording of each week’s message is available on CD or DVD.  FBC reaches out to the world with our internet.  Those who log in online are able to get an overview of the ministry of FBC, join church online, keep up-to-date with FBC activities, give their offering, view pastor’s messages, and much more.


Men’s Ministry The Men’s Ministry seeks  to shape kingdom men by helping men to develop a kingdom mindset.  Brothers share their struggles, challenges, and success, thereby helping each other to navigate the treacherous waters of manhood.  In various settings, such as discussion groups, outside outings, or breakfasts, men in the church get to rub shoulders with other men and find wholesome models and mentors by which to pattern their lives.

T2 Youth & King Kidz MinistryT2 and King Kidz are ministries created for the youth, the purpose of the youth ministry is to empower youth, help them realize their gifts, and add a twist of flavor to learning Godly principles.  This ministry provides a higher level of opportunity for youth to be engaged in their faith development.  Youth take an active role in planning monthly events and activities along with their youth worker.  There are regularly scheduled times during the month that focus on social interaction where youth talk about various topics from a Biblical perspective.  There are also opportunities during the month for peer led study that is relevant to youth during “Children’s Church”.


Transportation MinistryWe recognize the need of some members to have transportation to and from church activities.  Currently our van is on the road on Sunday mornings, making sure that those who would like to be in attendance at worship are able to do so.  We highly encourage members in need of transportation to worship to call the church office by Wednesday, in order for the transportation team to prepare their rout.  Our van is also rolling on other occasions when church activities require transportation.

  • Transported many members and visitors to and from service, & Vacation Bible School
  • Inviting and transporting persons to the FBC Soup Kitchen
  • Responsible for securing bread for outreach to church and community
  • Transporting cheerleaders to Base Ball games, Praise Dancers and all other groups to all churchPurchasing a  Bus for evangelism
  • New Bus Purchased via 4×4


Trustee MinistryThe Trustees are responsible for the property of the church and assuring that the building is well maintained in order to ensure a safe, comfortable, clean worship experience. They take care of anything needing to be done in or the around the building from heating/cooling to parking lot safety and maintenance. They also seek to employ good stewardship over church assets.

Women’s Ministry As women in today’s world we have so many roles to play.  We are mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters.  We are the cooks, the teachers, the nursery workers, the singers, the event organizers, the prayer group  leaders, the greeters and many many more.  We fulfill all these roles but our most important role is Believers!  First Baptist offers the Believer an abundance of opportunities to show Christ’s love through Women’s Ministries.  I am absolutely positive that we have a Women’s Ministry that includes and needs YOU!   God has blessed you with specific gifts and we invite you to discover those gifts and join in our Women’s Ministry.  You never know who’s counting on you!

Worship & Arts Ministry—Drama  This ministry uses dramatic performances to make viewers laugh, cry, or seriously think about issues that can change your life.

Worship & Arts Ministry—MimeA mime artist is someone who uses mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art, involving miming, or the acting out a story through body motions, without use of speech.  The use of this ministry draws people into a musical form of expression through body movement.  Mime is an are form of expression through body movement.

  • Introduction of Gideon Warriors Mimes
  • Added five new

Worship & Arts Ministry—Praise Dancers The art of dance has been used as an expression of love and admiration for God many years.  In II Samuel 6:14 David danced rejoicing.  Dance is a artful form that shows a oneness of body and music. Here body and beat, mobility and music caress each other to create rhythmic motion to good news music that will inspire, motivate, and present the Gospel in a unique method.  Four dance teams are provided for dancers Age 5-7, 8-14, Young Adult, & Adult Dancers


Worship & Arts Ministry—Step Team  – . . . All of their love, peace, and happiness is given to the real Alpha and Omega.  With precision choreography, mixed with chants of positive affirmation, this team brings stomp the yard to your neighborhood

XYZ Seniors Ministry “Don’t count me out” I may have some gray hair, my steps may not be as fast as they use to be, and my sight may be a little out of focus, but one that I know, God loves me.  Xtra Years of Zest Ministry continues to thrive and they refuse to be retired or pushed aside.   These season saint aren’t about to  allow any grass to grow under their feet.  Our seniors are actively pursing God through a variety of ministries that allows them to display their excitement for what the Lord has done in their lives.  Here at FBC our XYZ continue to be fully engaged by praising, worshipping, praying and studying the Word of God.   Come on out it is never too late, we would love for you to come and share with our XYZ Ministry.